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Here are some words of appreciation from Rusoff Chiropractic Center patients...

Janet For the past 15 years I have been suffering constant headaches and neck pain in upper right shoulder. I just never felt complete or had a lot of bounce. I basically dragged around. To make it through the day I would take aspirin and pain relievers and I had also received chiropractic care. The relief was temporary.

I started chiropractic care at Rusoff Chiropractic Center in February. Two weeks into the treatment I experienced 98% pain relief. I have more energy, my headaches are almost extinct. I feel good about myself and look forward to the day. I feel healthier - glad not to be taking drugs of any kind.

The staff is always so kind and cheerful. Always makes you feel welcomed.

Dr. Rusoff is a neat guy - very caring and helpful, patient and willing to listen to me.

Sincerely, Janet
Rosemount, MN
Joshua's Mother Joshua has had noticeable behavior problems since he was 4 years of age. He was officially diagnosed as having "Attention Deficit Disorder" (Hyperactivity). He had no patience at all and no control over his physical actions. He had definite difficulties in getting along with others.

He was also diagnosed as having allergies to dust, mold, and dogs. His nose was constantly running and stuffed up.

We were told he needed Ritalin for his ADD as well as a series of allergy shots. We did not comply with these recommendations. Instead we brought him in to see Dr. Rusoff for an examination. Dr. Rusoff was very very thorough and concerned and prescribed a series of chiropractic adjustments to correct some spinal misalignments he had in his upper neck.
Joshua's response to his treatment has been amazing. He now has an unbelievable amount of patience and can completely color pictures now, which he had never been able to do! He is getting along better with others and is much more mellow. His teachers have made it a point to stop me and ask me what have we done to bring about the dramatic changes in his behavior. We tell them he is seeing a chiropractor now.

Joshua's allergies symptoms started clearing up after only 4 or 5 treatments and he has not had a running nose since. Joshua is now like a new family member and family life has Become dramatically easier! We are definitely interested in preventive future care to help protect our gains.

Joshua's mother
Julie I was in severe pain when I first came in to see Dr. Rusoff. I had headaches, blackouts, blurred vision, deep depression, insomnia, a stiff neck, earaches, low back pain and severe menstrual cramping and low self esteem. I was treated for only one week before I started making real progress. Now my pain has been "mega" relieved. I am happy again, in control, and no longer plot ways to "end it all"! I now have a better understanding of what "total health care" is and what it can mean to be drug free! I feel great now, and only get occasional mid back numbness that comes and goes. I am committed to keeping my health at 100% and am now a once a month patient. The staff here is warm, funny and caring and the Doctor is the best - a real life saver! And honest too!

Sincerely, Julie
Rosemount, MN
Sarah Since the age of 1-year she has experienced continuing problems of chronic ear infections. She has missed many many days of school due to her frequent episodes of severe ear pain. I have also had to miss a number of days of work because of her ear problems
She has had "tubes" put into her ears twice. This worked for about 4-6 months following the operations before her ear aches and infections returned. Sara had been on antibiotics all of her life since age 1, with the only exception being the few months following the insertion of the tubes.
Sara was treated chiropractically about 2 weeks when her ear infections went away entirely! Tom an I are delighted with the progress we have seen, and Sara certainly is too. She has been off of antibiotics altogether since her
chiropractic adjustments began, and she loves coming in for her treatments.

Dr. Rusoff is a good listener, very positive and very helpful. He’s wonderful. The staff is friendly, helpful and really go out of their way to accommodate the unavoidable changes we occasionally have to make in our appointment times.

We are excited about the tremendous results Sara has achieved here.
We plan on continuing with her treatments on a maintenance basis once she is discharged from the corrective phase of her treatment.

Sincerely, Tom B.
Egan, MN
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