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Rusoff Chiropractic Center History:

We opened our doors during a time in which Chiropractic was viewed as a “last resort”. Most of our patients came from failed medical efforts, people desperate for relief from pain they were told they would have to learn to live with.

Patients are now coming to us first, and trust us to refer them to medical specialists when that specialty is needed.

Years Of Experience Has Taught Us What You Need!

We offer:

  • Gentle techniques
    You may, understandably, feel anxious about being adjusted when it hurts just to move your head! We use only “patient friendly” techniques that promotes healing and relief without pain.
  • On-site X-ray facility
    Less running around to find out what is wrong.
    On-site Physio-Therapy Suite
    Offering: Ultrasound, Sinusoidal, Galvanic, Intersegmental traction, Dry hydro-massage, Mechanical Traction, and others.
  • On-site Rehabilitation facility
    Many patients with spinal injuries need to rehabilitate “deconditioned” muscles to return to their pre-injury status.
  • Direct Referral Network
    To MD’s, TMJ & post-concussion specialists, MRI’s, CT’s, EMG’s, EEG’s and just about any other combination of initials you can think of.

Rusoff Chiropractic Center has been serving patients in Apple Valley and The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul for over twenty years.


Our goal is to help patients

  • REGAIN their health
  • ATTAIN a higher quality of life
  • SUSTAIN their gains through "Wellness Care"
 :: Automobile Accident Clinic ::
HAVE YOU BEEN IN A CAR ACCIDENT? Then you already know…Pain is not your only problem!

Professional and Comprehensive Care for Trauma Related Back, Neck & Headache problems

Specializing in the care of auto injuries for over twenty years!