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Here are some words of appreciation from Rusoff Chiropractic Center patients...

I have been suffering from pain in my left buttocks, pain that made sitting and walking difficult and often excruciating. Having had a long history of sciatica and nerve pain, I was beginning to give up hope. My regular practitioner was stumped and I was unwilling to treat the symptoms with painkillers. I had heard good things about Dr. Rusoff from family members and decided to give chiropractic a try.

I was expecting to find just another doctor but was delighted to find a true healer. He unfailingly demonstrated good cheer and confidence in treating my problems, qualities one rarely finds in the medical world. He not only diagnosed my trouble immediately, but also worked out a series of treatments and then took the time to teach me exercises and techniques that I could do on my own.

He gave me hope but better yet he has made it possible for me to go pain free for the first time in months. Dr. Rusoff helped me understand my body and has empowered me as no other doctor has ever bothered to do. I feel very grateful to have had the luck to find him.

Best Wishes,
Michael Radulescu
Leasa I saw Dr. Rusoff for severe headaches, low back pain, and digestional problems. I seemed to have less energy and was unable to sleep soundly.

Before I saw Dr. Rusoff, I was taking extra strength Tylenol - 4 at a time for headaches and also taking Azulfidine for irritable bowel. There was only temporary relief for the symptoms, I did miss work 1 day per month because of my problems.

When I went to see Dr. Rusoff for chiropractic care, there were definite improvements with my persisting problems within 2 weeks. The pain has now been completely relieved and I am off all medications. My digestive track problems are also 100% cleared. Now the stiffness and the pain are gone. I have more energy and I'm sleeping more soundly. Because of my gains with chiropractic care, I'm interested in preventive care.

I find the staff to be thorough, friendly and very helpful. I can't say enough about Dr. Rusoff, so I'll say he's great!

Sincerely, Leasa
Farmington, MN
Casey is a 2 year old boy, who was intensely emotional and mildly hyperactive, which made it difficult to handle him the majority of the time.

At Casey's age I never thought to get help for him until it had gotten to the point where he became uncontrollable. Then I brought Casey in for Chiropractic Care, and by the second treatment I saw improvement in Casey’s hyperactivity. Now, Casey is a much nicer child and much easier to handle and get along with. He now is able to sleep without frequently waking up at night.

Casey is accident prone, but Dr. Rusoff makes everything right with Casey, so he doesn't suffer from long term problems.

The Staff here at Rusoff Chiropractic Center is always there to help, and is quite supportive at all times. Casey loves Dr. Rusoff and I personally find him to be and all around nice guy. Most importantly, Dr. Rusoff is gentle with Casey, and Casey loves his adjustments.

Sincerely Julie, Casey's mother
Gordon I saw Dr. Rusoff for upper back pain and headaches. I have had upper back pain and headaches for 25 years or more. Often the headaches were so bad they caused nausea and put me in bed for awhile. This brought me to Dr. Rusoff. Spasms in the back were sometimes severe and had persisted off and on for many months.

I did see a physician before I saw Dr. Rusoff and he prescribed aspirin. I still continued to have pain and additional stomach upset from the aspirin. I then went to see Dr. Rusoff for chiropractic care and within 3 to 4 weeks I felt definite improvement. Now my pain and headaches are completely relieved. I've learned to exercise and have also learned the importance of good dietary habits. What has been most effective has been the regular spinal adjustments, which have been the main source of improvement. When I miss one treatment I can feel it within a week's time.

I find the staff to be very friendly and concerned with you personally. They are very professional and give excellent care. Dr. Rusoff definitely knows his stuff on chiropractic care. He keeps up on the latest developments and stays away from the things that don't work.

Sincerely, Gordy
Apple Valley, MN
Debbie The second week of February I saw Dr. Rusoff for chronic bronchitis. That morning I woke up with a severe sore throat, and by that afternoon, I had difficulty swallowing with some congestion in my chest. That evening was the first evening I was treated for this illness.

Two and a half years ago I was treated for the same illness, but instead was hospitalized by a medical Doctor. I spent seven days in the hospital hooked up to an I.V., and suffered an uncontrollable cough for 6 months. What I find fantastic with the chiropractic treatment is that I was adjusted almost every day for 1 week and I was cured of my bronchitis and I do not have a lingering cough. If I would have known of this 2 years ago, I would not have wasted time in a hospital hooked up to a horrible I.V.

I can only speak of the other staff members since I am an employee here at Rusoff Chiropractic Center. I can say many good things about the staff, but one sticks out in my mind; they are like one big happy family. Now, about Dr. Rusoff, it makes no difference if you're an employee of his or not, he treats everyone the same and he gives the best possible care for each and every patient.

Sincerely Debbie
Burnsville, MN

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